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Autumn Supply is your source for personal safety products and industrial maintenance cleaning supplies. No matter your location Autumn Supply can provide high quality brand name products at affordable prices in a timely manner across the USA, Visit the products page on this website to order the what you need today and see it tomorrow. Best of all you can always contact us directly for special pricing on large orders. We truly appreciate your business.

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From high visibility parkas to cooling vests, we have a large selection of construction and industrial safety equipment available at our shop. Autumn Supply is also your source for maintenance supplies & solutions in Sussex and Madison, WI.

Check out our products page to order supplies directly from this site. We sell and ship our products across the USA. If you have any questions about what we have to offer, contact us directly at (262) 820-1868.

Warm weather means new challenges!!

Spring is on the horizon, are you ready? Let Autumn Supply be your one stop shop for everything from gloves to safety glasses, or vests to hard hats, or Bathroom Cleaners to Laundry Detergents. Get the job done on time and under budget. Let Autumn Supply be your go to team for everything safety and maintenance!!

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